Veterinary Services

Comprehensive Medical Care
Our doctors emphasize preventative medicine to keep your pets healthy and detect and correct any potential problems quickly. We also diagnose and treat many medical conditions and diseases including (but not limited to) allergies, cancer, dental disease, diabetes, ear infections, eye diseases, gastrointestinal disease, obesity, skin disease, traumatic injuries, and more. We also educate our clients about common, avoidable problems such as flea and tick prevention and heartworm disease. We provide counseling regarding nutrition, exercise, and behavior.

We routinely perform many common surgical procedures such as spay and neuters, as well as advanced procedures, both soft tissue and orthopedics. Soft tissue surgeries include bladder surgery, intestinal surgery, eye surgery, mass or tumor removal, liver and spleen surgery, reconstructive surgery and others. Orthopedic surgery includes repair of torn ligaments and reconstruction of broken bones.

Our surgical suite provides an ideal environment for procedures. We use one of the safest gas anesthetics, and carefully monitor the heart rate, blood oxygen, and respiration levels. We also use a heated water blanket to control body temperature, and all of our surgical cases are placed on warmed IV fluids to regulate body temperature, hydration, and blood pressure.

Dental Care
Since most pets don't remember to brush twice a day, dental care is extremely important to their overall health. Tartar build up can lead not only to bad breath, but also bacterial infections, tooth decay and loss, gingivitis, and other organ damage. Routine dental checks and cleanings are important to keep your pet healthy as they age. We perform dental cleanings including ultrasonic scaling and polishing, fluoride treatments, and extractions and other oral surgery as needed under general anesthesia. During procedures, all pets are monitored by our professional staff and veterinarians, as well as monitored with equipment to measure heart rate, respirations, and blood oxygen levels. We also carry preventative tools such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Diagnostic Laboratory
Our in-house equipment allows us to assess and diagnose many conditions quickly, as well as perform pre-anesthetic testing and monitoring for medication. Chemistry panels, complete blood counts, electrolytes, pancreatic values, heartworm tests, ear cytology, urinalysis, and microscopic analysis of tumors can be performed on site. We also utilize an outside laboratory for more advanced diagnostics and analysis.

Digital Radiography
As one of the few practices in the area to offer digital radiography, we are able to acquire detailed x-ray images in a shorter time. See Example. We are able to review the images with our clients in our exam rooms, as well as copy images to a CD if needed.

We offer ultrasound services to help diagnose and treat your pet. Using our in-house ultrasound, we are able to obtain sterile urine samples, screen for abdominal abnormalities, and detect pregnancy. We also have a radiology specialist who is available to perform more advanced studies and ultrasounds of the heart.

Nutrition and Dietary Counseling
We carry Hill's Science Diet® and Royal Canin® veterinary diets to cater to your pet's special nutritional needs.

Geriatric Care
As our pets live longer, they require special attention. Semi-annual exams and screening bloodwork are important in detecting and treating many common diseases that may occur with age. Additionally, our doctors are trained in managing arthritis and the pain that may accompany arthritis.

Our newly renovated boarding facility provides a safe, comfortable indoor environment for your pet's vacation. Our compassionate staff will care for your pet's needs, including feeding special diets, administering medication, and ensuring your pet is happy during their stay.

We are happy to provide bathing services for your pet. As part of their bath, we will also manicure their nails, clean their ears, blow dry, and brush your pet. It is a day at the spa!



Drive-Up Service for Medications and Food
We provide Drive-Up services to make picking up food and medications fast and easy.



Pet Portals
Pet Portals are a personalized, secure way to access your pets information and medical history. Using Pet Portals, our clients are able to request appointments, view vaccine information and reminders, and communicate with the veterinary staff. This technology ensures you and your pet are up to date on the latest alerts from our hospital.