What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a common chronic medical condition that impacts both people and animals. When an animal suffers from asthma, this pet has chronic inflammation in its lungs. The lung is a network of narrow passageways that conduct air through smaller and smaller tubes. If a pet has asthma, there is chronic inflammation in the lungs that closes these passageways. This can make it hard for pets to breathe.

There are a few common signs that a pet might have asthma. First, the pet has a tremendous amount of fatigue and always appears tired. This pet might not want to run and play outside. Second, his pet is going to be coughing all the time. This cough comes from the pet trying to open up its lungs. Finally, there might also be wheezing coming from the pet. This wheezing might sound like there is something stuck in its throat. In reality, this could be asthma.

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How Is Asthma Treated?

If someone brings their pet to come and see us with asthma, there are a few treatment measures that we are going to take. The first involves opening up the pet’s lungs, making it easier for the pet to breathe. This could involve both oral and inhaled medications. This will make it easier for the pet to suck in air, providing more energy. Second, we will try to focus on preventative measures as well. There are certain triggers for asthma and one of the most common is pollen. We will try to provide our pet owners with a list of recommendations that they can follow to try to keep their pets safe from harm. We want to both treat the acute condition while also preventing asthma attacks from coming back in the future. That is what makes our approach to asthma unique.