At Oak Ridge Animal Hospital, our Greensboro veterinarian offers comprehensive dental care services to suit your pet’s needs. Whether your pet is in need of a routine dental exam and cleaning or a more complex dental procedure, such as extractions or treatment for gum disease, we’ve got you covered. When was the last time you scheduled a dog or cat teeth cleaning and check-up for your pet? If it’s been more than a year or two, then your pet’s oral health could be at risk.

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Understanding the Importance of Pet Dental Care

Many pet owners simply do not understand that bringing your pet in for routine dental care is just as important as bringing your pet in for those annual health and wellness exams. Without regular dental exams and cleanings, it’s easy for plaque and tartar to build up not just along the surfaces of your pet’s teeth, but underneath the gum line as well. This can become dangerous because build-up underneath the gums can lead to infections and even irreversible gum disease (this is extremely common in adult pets). Even if your pet doesn’t show any signs of dental problems, a lack of routine dental care could leave him or her with painful decay/cavities, cracked or chipped teeth, gum disease/periodontitis, or any other number of common pet dental problems.

By simply being diligent about bringing your pet in for dog/cat teeth cleaning appointments and exams, you can keep your pet’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible and stay on top of any problematic changes in your pet’s oral health.

How Our Cat or Dog Dentist Can Help Your Pet

At Oak Ridge Animal Hospital, our cat or dog dentist is able to provide just about any kind of dental or oral care service/treatment that your pet could need in our office. This includes not just routine dental exams and X-rays, but deep cleanings, treatment for gum disease, extractions. and treatments for cracked or chipped teeth as well. We perform all of our dental work with your pet under anesthesia, which ensures that your pet is relaxed and our veterinary team is able to do the most thorough job possible. Prior to your pet’s dental treatment, we will perform any necessary blood work to prepare for safe anesthesia as well.