Here at Oak Ridge Animal Hospital, we know that your pet is a beloved member of your family, and we strive to provide excellent veterinary care whenever your animal needs it. If your pet has a dermatology problem, have our Greensboro veterinarian find out what is causing it and provide quality care to remedy it.

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Top Causes of a Dermatology Problem

Having a skin issue can be very problematic for your pet. Not only can a skin problem cause an array of unpleasant symptoms but it can lead to infections if treatment is delayed. Below are the most common causes of skin problems:

  • Parasites: Pets can have an allergic reaction to parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mites. The bites of these parasites cause skin irritation, inflammation, severe itchiness, hair loss, scabs, bumps, and red skin. The bite alone is enough to make your animal to constantly scratch, chew, or bite the affected area and create an open wound on the skin, leading to infection.
  • Environmental Allergies: If you suffer from environmental allergies, then you know how irritating and uncomfortable the symptoms are. The same goes for pets. They can have the same allergies as humans like pollen, dust, and mold and can experience inflamed, itchy, or red skin.
  • Food Allergies: For some animals, food allergies are the reason behind their dermatology symptoms. Pets who have food allergies can react to beef, eggs, chicken, wheat, corn, soy, or milk. Common symptoms include skin swelling, itchiness, and hives.

Dermatology Treatment for Your Pet At Our Animal Hospital in Greensboro

Since a skin issue can be the result of various factors, a veterinarian needs to conduct several tests to rule certain conditions. If your pet’s symptoms are due to environmental allergies, anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamines work best to remedy them. Food allergies are a bit tricky to diagnose because it requires eliminating certain foods out of your animal’s diet to see what is causing the skin symptoms. But once it is found, we can eliminate it from your pet’s diet or we can suggest a hypoallergenic diet to help. If parasites are the reasons behind your animal’s skin irritation, our Greensboro veterinarian will prescribe medication that gets rid of the parasites and alleviate the symptoms.