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If you are a new dog or cat owner, there are several tasks you will need to undertake to help keep your pet happy and healthy. One part of routine pet care is bathing sessions. If you require assistance with bathing your pet, contact Oak Ridge Animal Hospital in Greensboro to meet with our veterinarian. Here is some information about pet bathing including why it is important, the steps to take to perform a session, and what our veterinary practice can do to help with procedures.

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Why Pets Require Routine Bathing

If you do not bathe your pet on a regular basis, there is the possibility of them becoming ill if they happen to lick fur that has bacteria or a chemical agent present upon it. Bathing helps to keep a pet looking its best and will also aid in keeping fur from becoming snarled and matted. During bathing sessions, you will also have the opportunity to see your pet’s skin easier, allowing you to become aware of any potential medical problems so you can get treatment from our veterinarian promptly.

How To Conduct A Bathing Session

Before you bathe your pet, it is important to have necessary items within reach so you do not need to search for them at an inopportune time. Make sure to have a towel available to dry your pet after they are bathed. Obtain a pet shampoo to remove dirt from your pet’s fur with ease. If your pet does not enjoy being bathed, it may be necessary to have another person with you so they can assist by holding your pet in place while you shampoo and rinse their fur.
Do not submerge your pet into deep water, but rather keep the level at around the bottom of your pet’s stomach so it does not become frightened. Test the water temperature before you place your pet inside. Gently wet your pet using a washcloth or small cup filled with water, lather their fur with shampoo, and rinse using a shower head or cup. Dry your pet in a towel and consider using a hair dryer if your pet seems cold after the procedure.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

If you discover a medical problem while bathing your pet that wards a trip for an assessment, contact our veterinarian to make an appointment. Our veterinary team is also available to assist with bathing a pet, clipping their claws, and tending to their dental needs. Reach out to Oak Ridge Animal Hospital in Greensboro by calling our office at (336) 665-0002 for more information about the services we provide. We offer routine veterinary care as well as emergency services for pets.