At Oak Ridge Animal Hospital, our Greensboro veterinary team led by Dr. Tev Barros takes great pride in providing your beloved pet with the quality, compassionate care he or she deserves. Our full-service animal hospital is able to offer not just a wide range of health and wellness services, but additional options, such as grooming and even boarding! If you’ll be traveling away from home in the near future and need a trusted boarding facility with which to leave your pet, you’ve come to the right place. We offer both cat boarding and dog boarding right here at newly renovated facility.

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Benefits of Boarding Your Dog or Cat With Us

There are many reasons to trust Oak Ridge Animal Hospital with your overnight pet boarding needs. For starters, when you board your pet with us, you enjoy the added convenience and peace of mind in having your pet close to veterinary care and treatment at all times. While we never anticipate that a pet in our care will require veterinary treatment, many pet owners enjoy knowing that our veterinary staff is never more than a few steps away if a pet falls ill during his or her stay.

Furthermore, our boarding staff has a great deal of experience in working with both dogs and cats, so we can provide your pet with the dedicated care and attention he or she needs while you’re away. This includes daily feedings, medication administering (where applicable), play time, and much more!

General Policies for Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding
If you’re interested in boarding your pet with us, we’re happy to have you! There are some basic policies and procedures we like to make all of our new clients aware of, however. For starters, your pet will need to be up-to-date on all vaccinations and have proof of this at the time of check-in. If your pet needs any vaccines before his or her reservation, our veterinarian would be happy to administer these; simply call our office to make an appointment in advance. Updated vaccines are important not just for the protection of your pet’s health, but of the other pets in our care and our boarding facility staff as well! We will ask for proof/documentation of vaccines at the time you bring your pet in to drop off.