Most of us consider our pets to be a part of the family; we do anything to ensure they’re healthy and comfortable. However, while we do love to spoil them with what they love most, we also want to make sure to feed them the best that we can. But with how expensive food can be, it’s difficult to ensure your pet is getting the best food possible. In addition, monitoring your pet’s diet can also be challenging. If you have an overweight pet or you would like more information on ways to ensure a better diet, don’t hesitate to contact Oak Ridge Animal Hospital today. We have pet nutrition specialists on staff that can help teach you what’s healthy for your pet.

We understand that it’s never easy knowing what’s healthy for your beloved pet, so we’re here to simplify the process for you. Located in Greensboro, NC, Oak Ridge Animal Hospital has top-notch animal care services from the leading veterinary experts in the field. Below you’ll find more information on our pet nutrition and dietary counseling services, including why these are important for your pet’s health.

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Why Proper Pet Nutrition is Key
Just like humans, pets too need the proper amount of nutrition to live the best life that they can. Given how much running around our pets do, they need to gain energy from healthy foods. If pets are constantly fed foods low in nutritional value, they might live unhealthy lives and not have the energy they need to go about the day. Below you’ll find a few reasons why proper pet nutrition is vital:

Can Lead to a Longer Life
If you ensure your pet is receiving proper nutrition, they can actually live longer lives. Studies have shown that pets who are fed foods low in nutrition for extended periods of time don’t live as long as pets that eat foods high in nutrition. Pets need healthy, natural ingredients to function at their best, and cheap, low-quality foods aren’t made with the nutrients your pet needs.

A Happier, More Energized Life
Have you noticed that your pet is lethargic and less motivated? If so, it could have to do with what they eat or how much they eat. Pet owners aren’t always educated on what to feed their pet and how much to feed them. If you start feeding your pet foods high in nutrition, it’s very likely that you’ll see them act happier with more energy.