Geriatric Care  Greensboro, NC

Senior pets require a special type of care. If you have any senior pets, you should know the importance of having them regularly checked out by a veterinarian. We take care of senior pets here at Oak Ridge Animal Hospital in Greensboro. It may not happen instantly, but in time you will notice some gray fur on your senior dog or cat. Maybe they stopped jumping so high for their tennis ball when you toss it into the air.

Or maybe their strolls around the park are beginning to become more dreadful. Whatever the case may be, pet care will change as your pet ages and it is important to pay a little bit more attention as these changes occur.

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Signs Your Pet Is A Senior

Most medium-sized dogs are elderly at the age of seven according to The American Veterinary Medical Association. There are various health problems that most pets will experience as they age that you should pay attention to such as:

  • Vision loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney disease
  • Cancer

Diet and lifestyle will influence the health of your pet as they begin to age.

Tips for Senior Pet Care

Make sure that you are paying attention to any changes in your pet’s behavior. They may begin to have a decrease in their appetite or an increase in irritability. They may also increase their water consumption. Your pet may also experience changes in their bowel movements.

Also, you want to make sure that you schedule regular visits to the vet. It may be just once a year or more frequently such as every three months. Regular pet exams will give you a heads up if there is a developing medical condition.

If possible, make sure to change their diet. Older pets need fewer calories since they are not as active as younger pets. But also make sure that you maintain regular exercise since regular movement will keep their joints healthy. It will also help maintain their weight.

Most importantly, be patient and give them more time to get around the house. This also pertains to their walks. They will probably need more time when you take them out on their usual stroll every day. You should also make sure to help them stay clean since they will have trouble cleaning and grooming themselves. Keep your pet’s teeth cleaned by making sure that you brush them daily.